With 40 years experience in the real estate management and development field, Mr. Morehead has a proven track record championing private and public-private partnerships.  Projects include land development programs, large scale demolition and soil remediation, to include the construction of military communities, and property management of new and existing infrastructures.  With a proven history of successfully managing capital projects and working in partnerships with peer groups in a U.S. Government setting, he brings to the table a high-level skill set that encompasses financial management, scheduling and planning, design oversight, construction administration and property management operations. 


Instrumental in the startup of three public-private projects with the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force, responsibilities included building and developing successful teams, pre-development and management of capital budgets, new business and partnership development with governmental partners and stakeholders.  In addition, he managed developmental budgets totaling more than 550 million dollars and consistently delivered massive complexes on scope and within budget.


Mr. Morehead is currently a business development and project management consultant.   He continues to promote new opportunities through public-private partnerships.