Pendulum Management was started in 1998 to assist in forming Public Private Partnerships between the US military and private sector organizations.


Members of Pendulum had previously managed Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) facilities and this was a natural extension of those activities. As new business opportunities arose, Pendulum Services (2002) and Pendulum Resources (2004) were formed to address them and the collection of companies was known as The Pendulum Group.


Among the many achievements of The Pendulum Group are:


  • Support for the formation of Public/Private Partnerships and other organizations, including the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center at the US Army’s Picatinny Arsenal, the Leonard Wood Institute at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, and the Defense Transformation Institute
  • Assistance in the establishment of the US Army Installation Management Command by providing staffing augmentation
  • Contracted Manager for the U. S. Army Armament Retooling & Manufacturing Support (ARMS) initiative National Marketing and the U. S. Army Arsenal Support Program Initiative
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology, Federal Laboratory Consortium – support for the Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Marketing to commercial entities of assets at several military facilities
  • Development of award winning marketing materials – brochures, flyers, news articles, and magazines
  • Development, presentation, and management of conferences
  • Development and maintenance of web sites and specialized sites for the US Army
  • Facilitating recycling of significant quantities of surplus military explosives
  • Consulting on a wide range of activities, including facility use contracting, development of community and municipal partnerships, creation of government intermediaries and technology transfer, and arranging private financing for the use of government assets
  • Facilitation of the private use of government assets
  • Staff augmentation to government and industry.



Additionally, the Pendulum Companies became channel partners representing FacilityOne facility management software, InnoCentive, the premier Open Innovation solution on the market, and others.


In July 2010 the Pendulum Group was restructured so that each company is now independently owned and operated to focus on specific market opportunities.


Pendulum Services is owned and operated by Charles S (Sid) Saunders.   It is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) with offices in Texas and Florida which leverages the services of a network of advisers and specializes in the application of intellectual capacity to enable the creation of alternative forms of organizations, deriving value from government assets, strategic planning, technology acceleration, and conference and workshop development and presentation.