Bee® and Pendulum Services Sign Collaboration Agreement

AUSTIN, Texas, July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vision Building energy efficiency, LLC DBA Bee®, an Austin, Texas Corporation and Pendulum Services, LLC, a Destin, Florida company have signed a collaboration and business development agreement to provide energy engineering and management services to the Department of Defense.

Bee® provides utility services helping customers procure, manage, and sustain energy and water resources more effectively and efficiently (

Pendulum Services is a business and technology management firm with experience in managing government facilities and working with DoD installations to improve energy efficiencies and resiliency of utility assets (

The agreement between the two firms is focused on accelerating the use of Bee® expertise and experience to provide energy services and capacities to the Department of Defense installations.

Bee® has just completed an Installation Energy and Water Plan (IEWP) for the Ohio National Guard and recently was awarded an Air Force $9.7 Million IDIQ contract for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Recommissioning and Energy Optimization Services (REOS) to support base-level civil engineers throughout CONUS, AK. and HI. The 772nd Enterprise Sourcing Squadron, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida is the contracting authority.

Sid Saunders, Principal at Pendulum Services, said, "We believe Bee® has an outstanding track record for providing energy services to public and private entities, utility companies, especially various Federal agencies, and is now positioned to reinforce its presence in the Defense energy services marketplace."

Brenda Hu, MAB, CPA, President of Bee®, expressed enthusiasm in the agreement with Pendulum and said: "Bee® looks forward to working with the Pendulum Services team and using their experience and knowledge of military installations to help accelerate recognition of Bee® utility and energy services to the Department of Defense facilities; our worker Bee®s have life careers serving US installations and facilities across Europe, Asia and North America with passion, and our goal shares DoD leadership's vision to Build an energy secure and efficient USA!"

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